A burst pipe can seem like a total disaster. Call Richland burst pipe repair services at 509-371-8706 and we’ll isolate and fix the problem quickly and affordably.

Burst Pipe Repair Services in Richland, WA

When time is against you and the water is flowing fast and hard, you need a local trenchless excavator that understands the infrastructure and geography of where you live and you need them there fast. At Allied Trenchless we live and work right here by the Columbia River. We’ll get to you quickly and stop that burst pipe from ruining everything in your house.

How Does Allied Trenchless Fix A Burst Pipe?

Quickly is the first answer! The second answer is a little more complicated. We can assess and isolate where the leak is coming from first, then we can determine what kind of piping it is and the condition it’s in. We have all the most up to date tools and the best technicians to remedy any leak fast. Time is a major factor when dealing with burst pipes, being available 24/7 is a real bonus.

Types Of Leaks

A Dramatic Gushing Leak

This will be quite evident because of the sheer volume of water. This kind of leak can be the most damaging to your property and is usually caused by a cut, frozen or separated solder joint.

Drip Or Pinhole Water Supply Pipe Leaks

These can be tricky to locate and can take a longer time to discover because the rate of leak is very slow.


At Allied Trenchless, we’ve seen them all and we can get the water stopped in no time.

What Should I Do If I Have A Burst Pipe?

Call us after you have followed these steps. It could save you a lot of money. Stay calm and:

● Use anything you can to collect water from the leak
● Locate the mains switch (stopcock) and turn off the water
● If the leak is in your ceiling, pierce it with a stick and catch the water in a large bucket or garbage can
● Turn off your heating system
● Open all of your faucets to drain your water system
● Don't touch any light switches
● Turn off your electricity at the mains

Remember, turn off the water at the mains (or stopcock) and open all faucets. You’ll have done your part. Call the pros at Allied Trenchless at 509-371-8706, we’ll take it from there and get you fixed up as soon as we can.

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